How daily smile originated

In The beginning of 2019 two friends who worked together at severall jobs wanted to start for there own. But they wanted to start with something that would really help people.  They both express their frustration about the great lack of quality natural products. Most of the products were produced with a lot of chemical ingredients. So they wanted to make the results the same, or even better with no bad ingredients included. They started to look for suppliers but couldn't find someone with the same passion. And then, suddely they found a supplier who has a whole team of specialist, and they wanted the same. 


Our products: 

Our ingredients are completely natural and safe. The activated charcoal in our products is made from certified organic coconut shells that remove toxins and protect your teeth.
Our goal is to provide the ultimate teeth whitening experience, by obtaining the highest quality ingredients and putting your needs first. We want you to feel confident and special when you smile.
Our products are made from natural ingredients that have been carefully selected to be part of your daily routine, ensuring a whiter and brighter smile. Our products are 100% safe for your glaze and also peroxide free.